Design Your Dream Backyard

Do you love the show Yard Crashers?  Do you cruise the beautiful showcase backyard design ideas on Pinterest and elsewhere?  Then you know that a lot can be done to beautify a backyard space.  But when it comes to your own design ideas and incorporating them into reality in your own backyard, frustration with seeing the big picture sometimes turns into a sigh, a headshake and a  Scarlett O’hara “I’ll think about it tomorrow” mentality as you slide back inside.

Sometimes it’s just the magnitude of work involved.  How can you truly picture your new outdoor kitchen in that vine enshrouded, weedy area with the dead tree that COULD be perfect…if only.  Sometimes it’s just so much empty space that you know could be so much more… but how?

Make a Back Yard List

poolspaStart by listing what is important to you for your design.  Do you wish for more structure? More shade? More sun?  More color? More water? More comfortable places to relax and cook and share meals?  A nook or two or three?  A firepit? A pond?  A pool or hot tub?  What style do you crave? Tropical? Traditional? formal? Outdoor living and designing your space all starts with you, your lifestyle, your family and what would make it all perfect.  Once you have you list, you can decide where corners can be cut and where they can’t.

Consider a Budget

Coming up with an actual budget can help a lot during the costing phase of your project.  Working with many nurseries, landscape folks, pool and spa contractors has enabled us to see how important a budget is to fulfilling your dreams.  Different cost methods are used in every landscape situation and being able to state an amount can assure that your project can be priced out within your means.   During negotiations, we’ve been present where backyard  landscape deals could have been had for less, had the budget been stated early in the design process.

Use an Independent Designer.

The minimal cost involved in using an independent outdoor landscape designer can save you thousands in negotiation with the contractors involved in installing the features of your new outdoor living space.  You’ll know what you want, because you’ve seen it.  You know exactly how to describe your vision because it’s been created. If you are contracting the job yourself, you’ll be entering negotiations with various companies armed with exactly what you want and also have a pretty good indication of what it will cost.  Even if you feel you will need an landscape architect to draw plans for the final project, spending a little upfront on a designer, has the potential to lessen your cost there as well.

A backyard designer can also help you phase the project according to your budget when something high on your list just isn’t feasible for round one.  You know you want the Hot Tub but establishing some shade, shrubs, lighting and outdoor rooms are all you can afford right now.  The designer can still allow for the space and incorporate the hot tub in the design so your plans for the future are clear.

Photo Realistic Landscape Design

What is photo realistic design?  It means seeing YOUR house and YOUR space transformed according to your dreams. All of the elements can be designed, not in a flat floor plan view but with photos of your house with your new design elements in the picture.  Trees, palms, shrubs, pools, decks, walkways all seen in your own yard at your house giving you fantastic perspective of your new backyard design.  Don’t accept anything less. It’s a powerful representation of what you want…where you want it: your house!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Extravagant To Be YOU

redchairsNooks and small spaces are always a fun project for us.  It’s amazing what elements of YOU can be put into creating a special intimate place that will be completely different from cookie cutter neighbors.  We can design a space, show you exactly what it will look like, and  help you make it uniquely yours.  Give HydroPro design service a try today! 813 444 2771. We are located in the Tampa Bay Area.  Not close by? Send Pictures of your area, your list, and approximate budget.  We’ll contact you for the details. Just click the contact us bar and holler.









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