Robert Vogland Brings Life To Swimming Pools

toothy shark

No, that is not a real shark in your pool but they fool many people! Welcome to the world of tile artistry by master tile artist Robert Vogland.

Art created with tile has origins dating from 1500 BC. In the modern day swimming pool industry, tile surfaces, flat mosaic features and waterline tile are an everyday part of constructing a swimming pool.  But, what if you have a customer who wants more than the commonly available offerings?  Our suggestion is turn to an artist that can make your swimming pools come to life with realistic marine creatures created with artistic passion and perspective.  That artist is Robert Vogland.

Robert Vogland Tile Artist Sea Turtles

Shock and Awe

With remarkable 3D perspective, Rob creates marine life for pools that shock, delight and amaze swimmers worldwide.

Robert designs each sea creature for the exact pool the art is created for.  This assures the proper realistic expression of his mosaic creations.  Even the position and direction of the animal is taken into consideration for best viewing at all angles and a realistic swimming experience.

Dophins Swimming Away into the Deep End

Custom Creations

Each piece is unique and created not just for the customer, but for the pool itself.  There are no cookie cutter options: Each creation, dolphin, turtle, koi  shark, or any creature desired by the customer, is designed with Rob’s artistic perspective based on the customers desire and the layout and design of the pool. Any concept is welcome.  Robert does amazing architectural work as well, creating indoor tapestries and designs for any whim.

Turtle Bay main poolMaximum Wow Factor

Pool contractors have an amazing option with Vogland’s work. No longer are you restricted to flat unimaginative, unrealistic mosaics just stuck to the bottom of your pools. Vogland’s creations give you an edge in offering a true wow factor that will inspire, amaze and awe all who see the pool and could be the emotional edge you need for the award of an amazing contract and the fun of creating lepardsharkand building a pool incorporating realistic features to delight your customer.

Vogland sculpts and fires his own tile from raw clay, to ensure the high quality he demands.  He individually cuts each piece, not in the square design often associated with mosaics, but into patterns that compliment the creation.  The Vogland mosaics combine his best artistic expression of painting, sculpture and tile creations with drama and flair and function.

If you’d like more information on Robert Vogland’s tile art, Please contact us and tell us about your project. If you glance up and to the left there should be a contact us tab hovering nearby.  It’s short and sweet!  We look forward to talking to you soon.





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