Make a Bunch of Baby Succulents Fast!

Succulents as a house and home plant, are enjoying a massive craze! With all the colors and textures, not to mention pretty easy care,  it’s not surprising that folks are having a blast  buying, collecting, trading, and propagating succulents.

amazing succulent plantingOne of the things I’ve noticed about succulent lovers is that it’s not JUST the plant causing googley-eyes.. it’s all the awesome containers you can use to create the “ultimate succulent garden”, which is often one of the  goals of the collector.  Its kind of the classic what came first riddle: “What came first the succulent or the pot?”  But hey, it’s  fun playing with your succulents, combining those colors and shapes and textures into an awesome container, creating a living work of art arrangement!  In fact, sometimes it’s hard to stop and no we don’t need a succulents anonymous group, we just need more MORE and MORE!

The awe inspiring planting of Crystal Lipsmeyer Small, to the left, is a nice example of a stunning pot and succulent combo.

So… In that Vein, Let’s Get to SUPER SIMPLE Succulent Propagation

Pictures tell a thousand words and I believe that is true!  These photos and comments are from Connie Chen, a member of a succulent group i belong to called Succulent Dreamers. Connie is quite a grower.  She’s located in California, works a day job at TMobile but in her off time…PROPAGATES!  I’m sure she also does a bit of watering, potting etc, but she’s a champion succulent addict and very knowledgeable.

People ask me how do I propagate my Graptopetalum amethystinum. I found some of pics I took during the propagation.

First, you need to pick healthy leaves from the mother plants. I do this usually 2 days after watering.

I leave the leaves  in any kinda of container under shade.

When u see the new babies and roots, move it to the pot with soil.

You can start watering them every 3 days, and then gradually let them get used to the sunlight more and more as they get stronger. This will bring out the pink color.

Connie Chen

Transplanted succulent babies

Pretty darn simple ?  I thought so.  Connie says she uses a succulent potting mix amended with pumice and sand.  She warns against over watering but keeping the soil moist is important. The roots can dry out quickly in the heat of the day.  Right now in the middle of summer, you’ll probably have the best luck if you keep them in the shade, bright shade,  until they get stronger.  I’ve got a couple of egg cartons sitting out right now loaded with leaves of several different varieties of succulents.  I’ll pass on pictures as they grow!  If you try this.. feel free to comment, and even post your own pictures:)

And while we’re waiting for the babies to emerge??? Go pot shopping! I heard there were some incredible deals at Lowes right now.. AND even some deals on succulents in some parts of the country 🙂  Go get em!


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