Finding the Best Fire Pits

Who doesn’t love a fire?

It’s a primal element of our past: Sitting around a fire with friends and family just seems to make conversations and stories flow These firepits and fire globes will add a little extra night time drama to your outdoor landscape and they don’t look bad in the daytime either. All of the below are wood burning fire pits for that crackle and spark you just don’t get with gas firepits (however.. gas firepits certainly have their place!  We cant wait to show you some of our favorite backyard best selling fire pits!   Please note, if you purchase one of our fun curated products, we may receive a small commission from the seller at no additional expense or effort on your part. Thanks so much for supporting our efforts to bring you awesome products!


Fire Globes

These completely encased laser cut firepits are awesome, creating fiery themes that are stunning at night. Esschert Design is the creator of these amazing fire Globes. They are made from 3mm laser cut steel and come in two parts. Check These out on Amazon. They are a little pricy at around $369 but for the detail, and the effect, totally worth it. They are 36 inches high allowing plenty of room to for your backyard fire to roar! Just click the image to learn more.

Wildlife Fire Sphere, Rust Metal Finish – Large

Best Fire Pits

Sunnydaze Black Crossweave Large Outdoor Fire Pit – 36-Inch Heavy-Duty Wood-Burning Fire Pit with Spark Screen 

SunnyDaze is a great choice as one of the best outdoor fire pits. They are good and rugged. Hauled one around camping for years and still own it. Lightweight and easy to transport, this outdoor fire pit will give you years of enjoyment and many happy moments around the fire! It comes with a spark arrester and a poker too!
Sunnydayze Crossweave-outdoor-burning-firepit

Bromley Fire Pit, Black

This next one,  Landmann is Amazon’s best seller in Fire Pits. for about 50 dollars and free shipping, we understand why! There are lots of reviews on this fire pit, just click the image to learn more.


Sunnydaze Cosmic Fire Pit for Outdoors – 42-Inch Large Wood-Burning Fire Pit with Moon and Stars 

The SunnyDaze model below is one of the largest, with the firebox measuring 42 inches (od) It still only weighs 36lbs so its easy to take with you camping, or over to a friends house for an evening with fire. You also get the spark arrester and the poker!

Sunnydaze Outdoor Cauldron Fire Pit – 34-Inch Backyard & Patio Wood-Burning Fire Pit for Outside with Round Spark Screen, Fireplace Poker, and Metal Grate

Another Big SunnyDaze version.. The Cauldron! A sure fire way to warm up your evening. I like the sizes of the Sunnydaze firepits. You don’t have to worry about cutting your logs short. Just click the image to learn more.

Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Handles – Outdoor Wood-Burning Fire Pit Bowl for Backyard, Patio or Porch – 34-Inch Diameter

This big fire bowl will accommodate some flameage! Another 34″ biggie bowl by SunnyDaze and will be perfect for backyard, beach, cabin, camping and more we love the bowl design with the handles and it will accomodate logs up to 32 inches.

Esschert Design Fire Basket with Legs

Fire Baskets and Fire boxes are an inexpensive way to add a blazing element to your backyard fun. These smaller designs are perfect for folks who need a patio type firepit with a smaller footprint for their fire desires 🙂 Steel flames embellish this attractive fire basket. Measuring 18x23x23 inches, it should fit even in cramped outdoor areas. Love the rusty patina don’t you ? This is another great design by Esschert.

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