Create Your Own Terrarium

Terrarium Creation

Terrarium Creation

Terrariums are so much fun to create. All you need is a cute container, some soil, pebbles, maybe a piece of driftwood and a little moss and you can create a pretty living ornament as a centerpiece,table garden or desktop wilderness to escape into when at work.

Terrariums and dish gardens have really seen a resurgence in popularity recently. There are so many different types of containers you can use too and that’s part of the fun. You can find lots of interesting glass terrarium containers at yard sales and flea markets. I’ve noticed that Michaels Craft stores have a nice selection of glass items perfect for terrarium use. I also scoured Amazon and they have a lot of cute glass items.

Hanging Glass Terrarium

Hanging Glass Terrarium

I think these hanging glass terrarium containers are really neat. Check them out here. As you’ll see they come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. You’ll find options to purchase in larger quantities if you are considering a terrarium party, or if you are making a bunch of party favors or gifts. Just look around on Amazon after following the link above.  By the way, if you purchase Amazon products we’ve shared with you from this link, HydroPro Sales will receive a small commission, but you’ll pay the exact same Amazon price.


Everything You Need For Your Terrarium

Since we sell foliage plants perfect for terrariums we are often asked about soil mixes and accessories that are good for terrariums.  the general consensus is that if your terrarium is to be open to the air, then your most important items will be a bottom layer of  some small pebbles. Pebbles also add visual appeal to glass containers and provide excess water a place to drain to. Our recommendation is to add some sheet moss to the top of your pebbles in your container so that your soil does not get mixed down into them over time. The soil mix you use can be just about any commercial mix. That being said, as long as it has a good mix of organic material, bark and pearlite, it’s better not to use one with built in fertilizer granules. You want your small plants to be healthy, but you aren’t really wanting to stimulate excess growth! If at some point your plants seem lacking, you can occasionally use a VERY dilute solution of water soluble fertilizer in a misting bottle.  Keep in mind that the fun of Terrarium and Dish Garden cultivation is that occasionally you’ll change some of your plants out.  This will let you “redecorate” your mini garden and freshen it up with new life 🙂

If you plan to have a “closed” terrarium, Like a bottle with a cork,  then you’ll want a little layer of charcoal which will help purify your terrarium and keep it from smelling musty.  You can use charcoal from aquarium filters you’ll find at a pet store, or you purchase activated charcoal in a larger bag. If you just want to get everything you need at one stop and start your terrarium off right, you might want to try this little kit from Amazon. It has everything you need to grow happy healthy terrarium plants: sheet-moss, soil, charcoal, and pebbles.  You’ll have all the sheet moss you need even for top dressing your terrarium, a good basic soil, charcoal and pebbles! Here’s the link:Terrarium Kit – Creat Your Own Living Terrarium

Need some cute plants?

Terrarium Assortment 50

Terrarium Assortment 50

Be sure to visit our plants for sale link! We’ve got the cutest little foliage terrarium plants on earth! Yes we may be prejudiced but they are little jewels and will get your terrariums and fairy gardens off to a great start! You can get an assortment in 2 inch pots that will include, assorted ferns, begonias, syngonium, polka dot plants, club moss and more.  You can purchase as few as 4 or as many as you want.  We ship them anywhere in the continental US.

Terrarium to Fairy Garden

If you want your terrarium to be “fairy friendly” you’ll need some things to make them happy. Apparently, these items are hard to come by as i get asked for them all the time.  Well LOOK NO FURTHER than the following link!  You will find every type of item a fairy needs to be totally at home! Even tiny pets!  Check out this Amazon assortment of Fairy Garden Accessories Galore.  Seems like ANY theme can be accommodated  in this dish garden wonderland!

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