Planning for Your Florida Landscape

landsLandscaping in the Tampa Bay Area seems like an easy task. There are plenty of sources locally to pick up plants for your yard or landscape. But, for those who may not be familiar with Florida planting zones and Florida friendly or native plants might have some trouble figuring out the best plants for full blasting Florida sun, or that deep shaded area under an oak tree. Helping you learn what will grow best in your landscape is one of our specialties. There is nothing worse than spending money on a favorite plant to loose it to conditions in which it cannot survive: too cold, too wet, too dry, too shady or too sunny. Avoid this by getting your questions answered by someone who knows what will thrive in your microclimates.



pink-diamond-cordylineQuestions About Your Landscape?

A question often asked at nurseries is “Will you come out and show us what to put where? Will you suggest plantings for us?” Many homeowners are willing to do the work themselves, they just want to get off to the right start and plant the right things in the right places. That’s where HydroPro comes in! We will do a home visit, check your exposures and suggest the best plantings for your zone, and the many micro-climates that may exist in your yard. We pay special attention to sunlight details and your temperature zone, making sure to help you choose the right plants to survive both cold and heat and thrive in your area. We consult with you, taking into account your tastes and landscape goals. We give you a complete custom plant list, created just for your environment, including quantities and spacing of each species of landscape plants, palms and trees, mulch and even topsoil requirements. plant-sourcingNext, we will source and price these plants and materials based on the best pricing in the industry and deliver them right to your yard, for less than you could buy the plants and accessories from Home Depot or Lowes!


Easy to Grow Green Peppers

Want to Grow Vegetables too?

Why not cut your grocery bill and grow some food? Many edibles even look great in your landscape. Who can argue with the beauty of a nice producing pepper, tomato, lettuce or bean plant? We encourage a little urban sustainable gardening! We can show you how to grow a significant amount of your produce in a very small space and we’d love to show you how. The great thing about vegetable gardening in Florida is you can have some kind of produce growing almost all the time. Growing lettuce, peppers, green beans and tomatoes in the Tampa Bay area is easy, fun and it truly saves money at the grocery store.

Seeking a Rare Plant?

If you are looking for something special, something rare, we are experts at finding that specimen plant you seek! We have a list of “go to” sources that grow that specific plant you want. Don’t waste your money and gas looking when one call can do it all.

How ‘Bout Boulders, Water Features and Lighting?

We also supply and source unique accessories for your landscape. Boulders, water features and landscape lighting are all in our realm and we know the right sources to be able to give you a fantastic price.

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