Tabletop Hydroponic Farms

Grow Beautiful Greens and Herbs Right On Your Counter

The Micro Farm

This pretty little hydroponic Micro Farm grows real food, right on your table or counter.  Completely self contained hydroponic unit with automated functions for the professional grade LED lighting and the pump operation.  You can grow leafy greens and herbs in a pure hydroponic format.. no bugs no pesticides, no weeds either!  This is farm to fork right from your own counter, urban farming in your kitchen.

This complete hydroponic Micro Farm is  great for beginners in hydroponics.  No plumbing necessary!  Just plug in the pump and the lights into the base, and  the power cord directly into a 120 volt outlet. Electrical voltage is 120V input but lights and pump operate on 12vdc for safety. The conversion is handled by the internal controller.  The  6 position tray comes with net pots and a unique sponge growing media that works nicely for both seeds or cuttings.  Footprint size is 15 inches x 9.5  inches x 14 inches high with the LED lights at their maximum extended height.

What to grow?  There are many lettuces that will thrive in the Micro Farm. Think about it.. how often do you throw lettuce away?  With the Micro Farm, you can cut what you need for a sandwich or harvest a head for a salad.  If you really want to drool over some selections, check out  Johnny’s has some great varieties, the dwarfs are well suited for the Micro Farm.

It doesn’t matter if it’s zero degrees and snowing or 104 with high humidity outside, you can always have a pretty garden growing in your Micro Farm.  Plenty of images below.  Introductory pricing going on right now! The Micro Farm is In stock and ready to deliver.  Distributors and retailer inquiries welcome.


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