Perennial Peanut Ground Cover

Perennial Peanut – Pretty, Low Maintenance, EZ Care Ground Cover

Perennial Peanut

Perennial Peanut

Want a pretty ground cover that will quickly fill in your medians, slopes, parkways and more? Want to fill your area with dense cover and cheerful yellow flowers? Try Perennial Peanut!  The uses of this fast growing easy care ground cover are many!  It is resistant to drought, nematodes, and other pathogens, it needs little if any fertilizer, and spreads via rhizome so it is easy to control. You can use it to mitigate storm water run off, its great for parking islands. It likes sandy soil and full blazing sun!  You can walk on it. You can even eat the peanut flavored flowers! It grows great in the Tampa Bay Area.

Want some?  We’ve got it!  Fully rooted 2 inch cells grab em and plant about 10 inches a part. They will fill in quickly and densely.  2 Trays of 60 (120 cells) is our minimum order and  INCLUDES SHIPPING! .  Have a large project? Call us, we can competitively quote entire lawns and municipal projects and do have peanut sod (ecoturf) and rolls.


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