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We provide robust 2 inch plugs or 4 inch plugs. Save money when you buy our fully rooted and ready to plant 2 inch OR 4 inch cells for large areas. They are easy to plant and ready to grow.  Don’t live in Tampa Bay or even Florida? No problem! Minima Jasmine loves the heat and even survives cold spells. We ship to Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee. We have partners in California and handle your West coast needs as well 

Minima Jasmine a Florida Favorite Ground Cover

Minima Asiatic jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum) is a go to plant if  you need a good solid ground-cover.  “Minima” as we like to call it in the business, is a tough vine-like dense groundcover that inhibits weeds even as it looks great in your landscape. Minima  jasmine has low water needs once established and aside from occasional trimming, is very carefree.   Often seen under spreading oak trees, in medians and parkways, Asiatic minima jasmine will grow in full sun to part shade.  Roots don’t bother minima jasmine and it is the perfect groundcover to use to cover up oak roots in your yard. 

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Minima jasmine also comes in several color patterns. Green minima is popular with it’s shiny bring green leaves. Variegated minima jasmine, adds light to shadows under oaks and in other shady areas.  Summer Sunset minima jasmine is amazing with it’s fiery oranges reds and creams.  Bronze Beauty seduces with its understated bronze flushing and white veined leaves.  Popular in areas where “nothing grows”  the different varieties of minima found below can add color, pop and elegance anywhere you need a low rugged ground cover.  Scroll down past product displays for planting instructions. 

Click “View Product”  for more info on each variety  and to purchase our minima Jasmine.  Please note there is a drop down box for selecting the size of your plants.  There are 4 inch and 2 inch variants.

Wholesale Asiatic Minima Jasmine

Quantity talks! Condos, Municipalities, Public works, Homeowners, Let us know if your project will involve quantities of over 800 plants. We have aggressive pricing for large quantities.  

Growers, Nurseries- please contact us direct for wholesale grower pricing for liners. 

Landscapers –  We can deliver wholesale minima jasmine quantities directly to your job site.

Deliveries can be arranged anywhere in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.  We do not ship to Texas or Louisiana due to plant import restrictions. 

Please note we DO NOT ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Virgin Islands


Planting Instructions for Asiatic Minima Jasmine

Green Minima

Minima jasmine is one of the most popular ground covers in the Tampa Bay Area. It is very versatile and does not need a lot of care, once established. Minima jasmine can be planted in full sun to shade. Your best bet for a successful planting is to start by putting down some topsoil, specially if you have little soil under an oak tree, for example. With 2 inch cells, you hardly even need a tool, once you’ve spread the topsoil.  Simply squeeze the cell and pull the plant out.  Then, scootch it in with your fingers. OR, get one of these awesome augers from Amazon.  These things are great and can be used for things like loosening soil, mixing soil blends, you’ll find uses, specially if you are a gardener!  You can plant a lot of 2 inch in a short time frame once the ground is prepared. Plant at 8 to 12 inch centers.

Sprinkle osmocote fertilizer around each plant and water deeply after planting.  Water daily for 30 days.  If in a full sun location, be sure it is in your irrigation zone. It will need regular watering as it adapts.  Creates dense coverage.  If you are planting the 4 inch cells, you may need a little penetration for each cell.  Other than that, the instructions are pretty much the same.  Feel free to mulch while the plants are growing in to keep weed growth to a minimum.

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Your Summer Sunset Minima, Variegated Minima, Green Minima, Texas Long Leaf Minima, and Bronze Beauty Minima Jasmine are all fantastic classic southern groundcover choices   🙂

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