Rugged Beautiful Wallcovers.. Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig… Grow on Walls, Slopes, Fences, Topiary

WhenVariegated Creeping Fig looking for a robust wall cover plant, you can’t go wrong with creeping fig! It will climb your walls and branch out quickly to create a beautiful thick green mass.  We offer two varieties, green and variegated. Both sold in flats of 60 2 inch cells.  Free Shipping.

Plant as much as 2 feet apart for great wall coverage.  Give each new plant a small stick to climb and send it up your wall. Once established you’ll need very little water to keep your wall green.  Choose quantity and type below. For larger quantities, please contact us directly for a quote.  When you order below, you will specify quantity at checkout.  Each unit of “one” is for 120 plants.

We know you’ll love your Creeping Fig!  Any Questions, please feel free to contact us.  Water well while plants become established. Once they are climbing and spreading they will keep on going.  Trim close for control as needed.  We’ve included other climbing plants here as well.

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