Lutz Nature’s Market Open and Ready for Business!


Sadly, the market is closed now.  It was just a little much for Mom Jenny.  It seemed like every time things were going good, another calamity would befall her or one of the kids.  I sure do miss Jenny and the market.  🙁

Jenny Yeniser Ymaya  and her husband Miguel eyed the property on North Dale Mabry for some time before they decided that Jenny would get her dream.. A business of her own that she could run with love and divine vision.  Using that vision,  they went to work adding a big country covered front area, to shade the inside and provide more space for fresh produce sales. Daily trips to the farmers market in Plant City started filling those shelves up with locally sourced fresh produce. This is LOW carbon footprint food folks and it’s good and worth the stop even if you buy your meat up the street at Publix!

Who doesn’t love a good produce stand?  There’s something about a market stand that you just don’t get at the grocery story and it’s not all about price either. It’s  ripeness and flavor. Its being able to choose from the Irregular fruits and veggies at their peak! The big grocery stores are so obsessed with what “looks” good that ripeness and flavor just get passed over. I’ve watched at publix as they pull perfectly good and edible produce that is not visually perfect. Do they put it on sale on a dollar table like at a produce  markets?  Nope…they throw that food away.

market sign smJenny’s dream was to open a business where she could live by her heart, have an extension of her home where she could enjoy serving her customers fresh picked, local produce.  She’s started a llittle farmers garden out front, she’s got fresh herbs you can pick yourself  from a hydroponic grow tower inside. She’s also got a few potted herbs for sale for your herb garden.  But the star of the show is the produce and price.  Right now for her introductary special she’s got peppers and tomatoes on sale for 99 cents a pound.  Watermelons and Cantelope with flavor you just haven’t had in awhile.  Don’t take my word for it.. go see Jenny, soak up some love, give some back and take home some delicious veggies and fruits!

Jenny’s Lutz Nature’s Market is located at The HUB, “Roses.. just because”  Owned by Rose Moore.  Stop in and say hi to Rose and grab a dozen roses. Then head to Jenny’s for a dozen tomatoes..:).

Support your local businesses!

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