Landscapers are artists and when putting together that creative mojo, sometimes music can be the “muse” that facilitates the Ah-Haaa moment.   Even when plans are drawn up and you have a good idea of how things will be placed, it’s rare that I don’t see a last minute plant or 5 that I  grab to incorporate “somewhere” into a job.   During the layout process, it’s always kind of fun to be playing the type music you might hear in the environment being created.  For instance:  Reggae or Jimmy Buffet for a tropical experience; classical or jazz at a formal job.

Not too long ago, I was visiting one of my favorite local growers, Wayne Hudson of Let’s Grow Nursery in Lutz.   Wayne has a couple of tricked out golf carts he uses to show people around his place and the guys use them also for transportation around the nursery and picking plants for customers.  I approached one of his guys who was listening to music in his golf cart. I’m thinkin’ to myself.. wow.. that golfcart has a great sound system!  So I ask him.. what kind stereo is in this thing?  He laughs and holds a tiny 3 inch diameter 3 inch high speaker out to me.. “You mean this?”  he says. etekcity-roverbeats  I look at this thing he’s holding out to me,  not even able to get my head around the fact that THAT little Gadget.. was putting out the quality and volume of sound that it was.  I  brilliantly ask  “what the heck is that?”  He hands it to me and says, ” it’s a blue tooth speaker.”   Well, wow! It was kind of paradigm changing moment and now I can’t wait to get to Amazon to check these speakers out.   Gotta be expensive to have that kind o sound. I’m thinking I probably can’t even afford one.  I get back to the office and log into my Amazon account and find that this little guy  Etekcity® RoverBeats
is the number one seller in this category.  My jaw drops at the price:  It is UNDER 20 bucks!  No WAY! Of course I’m a Prime member so free 2 day shipping as well.

There are 4 and a half stars for a rating and only 560+ reviews (I donno about you but I love reviews). I settle in to read a few and after the first 100 or so of glowing reviews with lots of “wows” and “amazing” and other such words heaping praise.. I’m  buyin’ it!

2 days later my Etekcity Rover Beats  package arrives and this speaker just KICKS IT! I use it with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and Pandora. The Bluetooth connects flawlessly and easily pairs.

I’m telling you, not only does the speaker  have a great sound, it comes with everything you need to enjoy it.  USB charging cable, 2 way speaker jacks if you want to hook it up direct to your computer,  an adorable little neoprene carrying pouch with a carabiner attached so you can hook to what ever.  I attach mine to my backpack.  It holds a charge for at least 12 hours and has an internal microphone so if your phone rings while you are listening to Pandora, you can just talk through the speaker if you want.  I LOVE it.   It stays connected up to 30 feet away too.

Do you have to be a landscaper to enjoy the Rover? Oh heck no! It works great in the office, at the beach, on the kayak.. anywhere you want some great sounding tunes.  As a gift, it can’t be beat (haha.. no pun intended).

I’ve  showed it off to so many people and funny thing.. they get their own immediately!  I took it up to Connecticut when I was visiting my Sister in Law.  Her kids are all college age and they know everything about electronics right?  They’d never seen or heard one of THESE!  Every single one confessed the following day that they bought their own Rover that night!  They come in colors too.  The silver one was the least expensive so I bought it.  But, if you want red or blue, it’s only a dollar or so more.  This model is the T-16.  There are some newer versions and one even is a compact stereo unit but I’m still totally happy with this one! Here’s the details.. go read a few reviews.  I even did one yesterday myself 🙂
Etekcity® RoverBeats T16 Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Mic, Enhanced Bass Resonator, Powerful and High-Def Sound for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Nokia and More(Gray)



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