You Can Grow Microgreens For Health or Profit

Pea Shoots

Microgreens are a really.. they are!  When scientists first analyzed micirogreens for nutritional content they were amazed at their findings.  These tiny plants emerge from their seeds and are harvested when they put forth their first true leaves. This growth is all by natures design, and part of the miracle of life. Who would have thought that at this stage of growth, these tiny plants would have 10 to 20 times the nutritional value of the mature vegetable that if, not harvested, they would grow to be.

Want to be a Micro Green Farmer?

Because of this there is great interest in growing microgreens.  Many people start growing as a hobby or for food for their family, or even medicine (broccoli micros have a component considered to be a cancer fighter).  But growing can easily become a obsession! There is something about watching life spring from a seed, establish it’s root system, and emerge as food in 8 days!  Plus, once one variety is mastered, growers cant wait to start another.  All of a sudden, they need to look for customers just to support their love for growing micros. Sometimes, just one customer can justify a few racks, the next thing you know you are running a well loved business.

HydroPro is ready to help you become a success in growing microgreens.  We can supply the home microgreen grower, larger scale commercial microgreen farmers and distribution.  Our Microgreen growing products  are sold by quantity, the more you buy the better the price.  We can supply the smallest to the largest grower at great prices.

Our Micro Pro Jute pads are very popular to use for growing microgreens. Made of 100% Jute needle punched felt,  the micro seed pads great absorption and drainage. Jute is fast growing tall fibrous plant that has been used for centuries to make natural textiles and rope.  Unlike other natural textile growing products, our jute pads contain no binders or fillers, just pure jute fibers.

The Micro Pro seed pads are perfect for beginners and pros, they wick water and easily release it. The are clean and you have no messy dirt or soil substrate. PLUS you can your costs down with low cost per tray jute pads.

Ready to give it a go?  At least to try a few trays of your own?  Get one of our 10 packs below, buy some seeds, and join a Facebook Group that will help you get started.  One of our favorites is Growing and Selling Microgreens. Lots of friendly helpful people and everyone is micro obsessed!

Hydro Pro has factory capacity and can supply wholesale, direct from factory, jute orders up to multiple containers.  Custom weights, custom cutting and private label inquiries welcome. Put your own product on the market.  Please contact us with your requirements.

Don’t see what you are looking for?  Please contact us.

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