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If you see plants you’d like to incorporate into your landscape, feel free to contact us and we will hand pick them at the grower level, and deliver to your door at no charge with a minimum order of 300.00.

Arboricola “Trinette”

TrinetteA favorite colorful addition to any tropical landscape where deer are not present (it’s deer candy). Arboricola is a dwarf variegated  Schefflera but don’t be thinking it can’t get tall.. it can!  Conforms well to a good trip and recovers fast! The leaves are smaller than the original schefflera and it’s makes a great back drop or foreground to a colorful planting.

We have nice arboricola in 3 gallon for 10.00





Loropetalum: The Purple Pleaser

loropetalum blooms


Loropetalum is a fun plant!  Great year round plum color makes great contrast to other plantings.  It can get tall so using it as a back accent is perfect.  Bonus.. it has beautiful pink blooms in spring that contrast with its deep plum leaf color.

3 gallon Loropetalum $10.00



loropetalum tree

NEW availability.. Specimen Loropetalum TREES!

These trees are 35 years old and beautiful! Container grown, will plant out at 6-8 foot.  Several available. Rare find!

Call for info!









Nandina.. Heavenly Bamboo

sg110203_firepowerNandina is a great tall accent for part sun places. Each plant has it’s own personality with lots of varying color throughout the plant.  If you have the right light, Nandina can charm you with its many colors and blooms.

The shot to the left is winter Nandina.. yep.. lots of winter color! Even in spring and summer though.. Nandina will charm you with it’s many colors.

3 gallon Nandina 18.00

7 Gallon Nandina  35.00



Mamey Crotons

??????????Nothing beats the firey color and corkscrew texture of the tropical Mamey Croton.  Full sun or sun shade, the mamey is a popular addition to many landscapes and will look great in yours.

3 gal $10.00







Petra Croton

petra-croton 3gPetra Crotons also add a huge pop of color to your landscape.   Big colorful leaves grace this plant and will show off great in a sunny or part sun area.

3g $10.00








Dreadlock Croton

dreadlocks-croton_smallThe Aptly named “Dreadlock” Croton brings to mind tropical drinks, sandy beaches with Bob Marley playing in the background. This fine leaf croton is a great poolside addition and works nicely in landscape as well.  Available as a 3 gallon or as a “standard” meaning that there is one central long stem.


3 gal 22.00  Standard versions vary in price depending on size





CardBoard Palm

cardboard palmThis plant is amazing as an accent specimen plant. Cardboard Palms are Cycads, dinosaurs of plants. They’ve been on earth from the time of the dinosaurs and have tough leathery leaves on fern-like branches.  They make great corner anchors and can get quite large.  They can tolerate full sun but prefer a sun-shade environment.  We recommend starting with a 7 gallon for effect.

7 Gal $75.00




Cordylines or Ti Plants

red sisterIf you Gooogle “cordyline” you will find that there are many beautiful varieties of this colorful tall plant. We like to use several different varieties  in combination when we find the right spot in your landscape.  The most popular cordyline is probably the Red Sister, shown here, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that it’s what is most widely available.  We love Kiwi, Black Magic, Hot Pepper, Sherbert and more.. Feel free to fall in love with any cordyline and we’ll find it for you!

3 Gal from $18.00




Florica Cordyline

We have stunning 15 gallon specimen quality  Floricas. You don’t have to wait for the tropical pop these will add to your landscape:)  We’ve got 3 and 7 gallon as well. Call with quantity for quote.



yellow hibiscusThe tropical icon, hibiscus comes in beautiful colors and can be used in so many ways.  It can stand alone as a beautiful specimen plant,  it can be used as a hedge or a border. Wherever it is placed, it is a beautiful addition to any landscape. Hibiscus love sun, love water, love heat and humidity.. perfect for our Tampa Bay area!

Our hibiscus comes from one of the oldest hibiscus growers in the state. They have truly perfected the art with vibrant healthy bush types and beautiful stately tree types.  All varieties are available!

3gal 10.00

7gal hibiscus trees 30.00

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