What makes a tropical landscape so desirable?  One reason has to be that you want ” that feel” of being on vacation even though you are home.  The riot of colors, textures and even sounds call to mind memories of far away places with crystal blue water, warm breezes, hammocks and peace.  There’s nothing like a tropical landscape to bring pause a hectic life.  It’s bright, it’s cheerful, it’s dense and low maintenance.  We think that a tropical riot should not be closely controlled.  Many of the plants we use in tropical landscapes, can be allowed to grow to specimen size. They can peek out through several plantings seeking sun and providing a surprise for your gazing pleasure.  Confetti tropical plantings can be almost like fireworks in their intensity.

Big leaves always provide a back drop and in many ways are the anchors of a tropical paradise backyard.  Black Coral Alocacia Clumping with orange and pinks and reds.  Bright green foxtail ferns hugging the ground with lime accents. xanadu philadendrons.. with their fingery grace,  filling in  and reaching out to the magnificent crotons putting on a tropical show like no other!  In the shade of the micro-climate we create, you find vivid cordylines  stretching out and displaying their unique colors and textures.  Got shade? Lets put in some exotic gingers.  Not the ones you see everywhere.. but the ones that make vacation so special!

Did you say.. Bird of Paradise? Well yeah! And lets not forget the Helioconias of the world.. the big lobster claws, the small clumping andromeda and stunning gold torch!

Chinese Fan palms.. provide large shade and large leaves.  Phillodendron selloum fills space with giant leaves providing a great screen or a perfect backdrop.  Palms are just tropical iconic and most cant live without a few. They also can provide shade and in general just lively up the place.. in the words of the immortal Bob Marley.

Swimming pools scream for tropical. If you are looking to build a pool, we can design it for you along with the rest of your landscape.  Tiki Bar? Beach Volleyball? A fire or water feature in the back yard can certainly make it hard to leave home and easy to entertain.

So?  What you waiting on?  Lets get it going on!  The first step.. is the contact form below ( or you can call us or text us or email us 🙂


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