Who Knew There Were So Many Varieties of Minima Jasmine?

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The Stunning "Summer Sunset" Minima Jasmine

Introducing Summer Sunset Minima Jasmine!  At home in shade to full sun, Summer Sunset is different.. it’s bold, it’s colorful. One of the prettiest minima jasmine ground covers available!  Place it under that oak tree where “nothing grows” or create a fantastic border.  It looks great on medians and parkways too!

Variegated Minima Jasmine

Silvery white and green leaves are prominent with this beautiful ground cover. Variegated minima  is at home in full sun to shade. From a distance, it’s silvery gray color will lighten darker spots growing into a dense mat of leaves and entwining branches.Variegated minima looks great on parkways, beds and borders.

Bronze Beauty Minima Jasmine

A lot of people don’t know about Bronze Beauty, it’s kind of a well kept secret.  Bronze Beauty is a stellar performer in the minima jasmine family.  It grows fast and strong, happy in sun or shade. Emerging leaves have bronze tint.  It’s a lovely selection for borders, beds, medians and parkways.

Good Ole Green Minima Jasmine

The most recognized version of minima jasmine is good ole green!  With crisp shiny leaves, green minima jasmine looks great just about anywhere you put her.  Robust growth habits, bulletproof and rugged, green minima jasmine is the go to groundcover of choice for many landscapes!  Minima Jasmine, loves sun and grows very nicely in shady areas too.   Under oaks where nothing else grows, is a popular and beautiful setting for green minima.

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Let us show you how we can save you money and make your yard beautiful too!

Our Ground Cover System Saves You Money!

Buying ground cover plants from Hydropro will save you money over typical nursery groundcover prices because we do things a little differently 🙂  Covering a lot ground can be expensive, specially if you are purchasing in one gallon pots.  What we do, is deliver nursery fresh plugs in 2 inch or 4 inch pots.  These plugs are fully rooted and ready to plant.  It’s a LOT easier to plant a small plant rather than a big plant. In many cases, specially if you are spreading some topsoil in the area you are planting, you won’t even need a shovel!  You can scootch these little guys right in with your fingers!

That is a 2 inch plug of Summer Sunset I’m holding there.  It’s ready to plant!

We recommend planting at no less than one plant per square foot.  This makes calculation of quantity easy… Measure your square footage, and order that quantity!  Our minimum quantities are 120 2 inch plants (covers about 100 SF) or 36 4 inch plants (covers about 50 SF).  Either of these methods will save money over buying gallons.

Something to note is that nurseries purchase 2 inch plants too… then they pot them up into 1 gallon pots.  If you buy those one gallon pots just after the potting up process.. well, you’re paying extra to buy dirt!  Don’t buy dirt!!!

For More info and to Order

Please note that quantities listed are in units of 120 plants for 2 inch and 36 plants for 4 inch. Click the link beneath the image for even more info and to order.  If you need a LOT, please call for best pricing. We deliver to homes, businesses and job sites in the Tampa Bay Area, the entire state of Florida, even Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Texas.  Shipping is FREE!


Its Time to Plant! Order Now!

We sell more than “JUST” minima jasmine. We deliver landscape plants at great pricing. We can visit you for a design consultation, provide photo realistic design service and more! Landscapers, developers, real estate owners, call us for aggressive quantity pricing.

Want to talk about your landscape? Give us a call! We love talkin’ plants!

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