Hypertufa Faux Stone

Hypertufa is a faux stone made from a mixture of water, cement, peat moss or coir, and perllte. Mixed up by hand and pressed into molds, it creates an earthy stone looking project, but lighter in weight.

The hypertufa movement started with the desire to replicate the unique old stone troughs found in England, Scotland and Ireland that were common as watering troughs for livestock.  They soon became popular unique fixtures in country gardens and were often planted with colorful flowers and trailing ivys.   Now, hypertufa, the faux “tufa”  has become a fun craft and even a business for many!  Not only that but this pliable mix is used to make many interesting garden projects such as cement hands, leaf impressions, and even used as a sculpting media.

Knowing the hypertufa basics will send you on your way to fun new hobby!  It’s kind of like making mud pies, but if you aren’t afraid to get a little dirty you can create some amazing pieces out of every day vessels like Tupperware, glass bowls, baskets, gloves, and more.

If you love the rustic earthy look of  hypertufa, perhaps you’ll enjoy this gallery of some of our recent hypertufa projects.  Want to know more and learn some tips, tricks and hypertufa cement recipes to get started creating your own hypertufa planters?  Check out our article:Fun Backyard Project: Hypertufa  Let us know how it worked out for you and we’d love to see your projects!


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