The components.

Hydro Growing Trays

The heart (s) of the Hydro Rack lives within each of these exceptional growing trays.  Much more than just a tray, they are a self contained hydroponic system on their own.  Each Hydro Tray, is it’s own reservoir, it’s own self contained hydroponic system.   Each tray has it’s OWN small efficient pump that  pumps water and nutrient solution through the unique nutrient distribution fitting on the lid.  From there, water / nutrients follow multiple paths to drip through each net cup and return the reservoir.

Available in two lid configurations,  36 position for seed starting/cloning, or 16 position for growing greens and herbs to maturity.

A High Yield Hydroponic System with NO Plumbing?

Yes.. we said that.. NO plumbing required on this superior system that uses every iota of technology the big vertical growers use,  in a simple effective hydro rack.

  •  Led Lights with fine tuned veg spectrum. These very lights are used in some of the   largest vertical hydro systems in the world.
  •  Unique tray system, each with it’s own pump and reservoir.  This translates to no   pipes, no pipe supports no collecting or recycling nutrients
  •  Ability to grow 165 heads of leafy greens per month per each 4 foot rack.

This is a serious vertical farm that produces efficiently and fast.

Unit Foot print is 4’wide, 20 ” deep and 6 feet tall.  Light and pump operation is automatic.



The LED Lighting

The 8 LED light modules that come with the Hydro Rack are pro quality, water proof fixtures with a spectrum designed specifically for rapid vegetative growth.  These LED lights are full spectrum with red, blue and white,   measuring 20 X 20 X 4 inches, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Versatile and Cost Effective for Urban Farming

One Hydro Rack, with it’s efficient approach to pure hydroponic food, can easily provide the fresh leafy greens and herbs for a family. The system is simple,  Start seed in the lower trays and progressively move the trays up as the product grows transferring the net pots to the 16 unit tray and the crop gets larger.  Since each tray is a complete hydroponic unit, nutrients can be specific for different crops, maximizing growth.

For restaurants, schools, grocery stores, and urban farmers,  multiply the Hydro Racks and scale up the production.  Urban farmers can, with a small amount of space, deliver live specialty food to their customers, growing inside the trays.  This works for restaurants, convenience stores, vegetable markets, farmers markets and more! The consumer simply chooses the product and pulls the net pot.


Specifications for the Hydro Rack

Material: Metal + Food grade ABS
Size: L48 x W20 x H72 in
Rated Power: 450W
Input voltage: AC110/220V (Optional)
Light Source: LED Grow Light  Emitting Color: Red 660nm / blue 440nm/ White 2700K
Usage Indoor, Greenhouse, Restaurant, Garage, Shed, Closet
Included 8pcs Growing Tray 168pcs Net Pots

Approx Price  $2500 ex-works

Quantity discounts available.  Group buys available.  Talk to me 🙂


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