The Micro Farm

This tabletop growing system is a great introduction into hydroponics! Grow gourmet leafy greens like lettuces, bok choi.  Grow your own basil, dill, parsley and cilantro right on your counter top.  The Micro Farm comes complete with quality LED lighting, a nutrient reservoir, net pots, seed starting sponges, and a nutrient circulation pump.  Intuitive automatic control system makes sure your greens get the light and circulation they need.

The whole family will enjoy watching your crops grow!  Harvest only what you need and stop wasting lettuce and herbs. It’s also a pretty addition to have on your tabletop.  Click the image for more images and purchase info


Unique Hydroponic Growing Tray With Pump

This unique growing tray.  Made from food grade ABS plastic, the tray measures 20X20X4 inches and is available in two configurations: A 16 hole version ( hps gt 01) and a 36 position (hps gt 02) The reservoir tank has a fill level indicator so the level of nutrient solution is apparent at all times.  It can be used as a Kraky hydroponic growing system or add the optional pump for a modified Kratky system that will provide drip to each plant position and aeration.

Trays can be ordered on their own to integrate with existing racks, They can also be used to deliver growing greens to customers,  OR used to deliver live produce to retailers.  Customers would simply pull the net pot of their selection.  Imagine being able to provide  hyper local  live produce to local chefs, grocery and convenience stores.  It can be done! This system will keep the greens alive and growing for much longer than the last shipment of lettuce from California.

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Automatic Hydroponic Vertical Grow Kitchen Cultivator

Farming in the Kitchen

Kitchen cultivators are the ultimate in disruptive agriculture technology.

Worried about where your food comes from?  You should be!  Pesticides and herbicides abound in farming, but not in THIS farm. This vertical hydroponic system grows pure food with absolutely no pesticides or herbicides necessary.  This takes pure clean food to a whole new level.

Even if you are “buying local” and “eating organic”, there is absolutely no match, to growing in your own home, in a completely controlled environment.  The HPS Kitchen Farm is an automated, controlled environment hydroponic green machine that can keep your entire family in leafy greens, herbs and microgreens, providing up to 3 heads of lettuce, bok choi etc per DAY.

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Automated Vertical Open Rack Hydroponic System

Serious about growing hydroponically? This complete open rack automated hydroponic system has everything you need to start a farm for growing your own food or growing healthy hyper fresh food to sell.   Everything is included with this system.  You get:

  • The Rack
  • The same LED lights that are used in major large scale vertical farms
  • The unique growing trays with pumps (the key to this amazing system )
  • No Plumbing required

Measuring 48 inches wide by 20 inches deep and 6 feet high, with highly efficient LED lighting this space saving system can produce 165 heads of lettuce each  month.  That’s 5.5 heads per day!  Grow gourmet leafy greens, herbs and high dollar crops.  Scale up as your sales permit.  You can easily rival “shipping container” growing at MUCH less cost.

Each unique food grade growing tray contains it’s own pump and reservoir. This translates to a system that requires ZERO plumbing but still performs as well as an NFT system.  Plus, a quite brilliant and simply designed tray top that channels water to each growing station. Even with a pump failure, your crops remain happy in the existing reservoir.  The individual trays can be delivered to your customers and they can harvest on demand.  Retail customers can just pluck the net cup out of the tray with their choice.  All is living at harvest providing the ultimate fresh pure food, with no preservatives, no pesticides, no herbicides.  What a concept!

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