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With many years of hot tub repair under our belts and over 20 years helping people choose the right spa part replacements we’ve assembled popular OEM spa part replacements to help you fix your own hot tub.  Sourced from Amazon, these are the most commonly used replacement spa parts for any hot tub at extremely competitive pricing.  Some of these products are sold by third party vendors and not eligible for Amazon Prime,  but you’ll have the power of Amazon backing you all the way.  We’ve felt that even though you may have to pay for shipping, the shipping seems reasonable on all items we’ve sourced.
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We annotate each item in the popular hot tub parts collection so you know you are getting what you need. Read carefully! Need help? Call us we’ll help you choose what you need.

Basic Hot Tub Trouble Shooting STARTS Here!

From experience we know that the most common symptom of hot tub trouble has to do with temperature. If your hot tub isn’t hot, it could be an indication of several issues and believe it or not, it may not have to do with your heater.  You could have a pump problem, causing a flow issue,  you might have a spa controller problem, or your heater element could be burned out.  Checking inside your hot tub cabinet is the first step to a possibly easy fix! Open up your hot tub cabinet and do a general inspection of your spa equipment. Look for reset buttons and check if any are tripped.  When they ARE tripped you’ll feel a definite click when you reset them. If your hot tub is running at all, check for any indicator status lights on your control, if present.  See if your your primary pump (the one that is plumbed to your heater) Is operating at low speed in heat mode.  If you have a separate small circulation pump that feeds your heater, check to be sure it’s operating.  Look for leaks.  Equipment leaks around the pump housing can cause inefficient pump operation which can keep your heater from firing.

If nothing is working, check for power.. If you have power and still no operation.. look towards your hot tub controller.  Be aware of  proper electrical safety measures. Never remove the cover or open a hot tub controller with power on! Turn all power off at breakers once you get out your screwdriver!!!

This scratches the surface only and so much more can be said here, (book length stuff) but a good start to familiarize yourself with your hot tub system and what is or is not going on.  Nothing beats a good lookaround inside the spa cabinet and it can save you tons of money!  I’ve made 1000’s  of dollars in my career just resetting  tripped reset buttons!

So what if you find something?  You’ve got water seeping out of your pump housing, or maybe you’ve got a GFCI  that is tripped but trips again when you reset it OR wont reset.  Maybe your pump is humming but not running and smells funny. What now?   Gather Information~!

First, if your breaker is on, turn it off.  You’re going to have to be sticking your head in and around to get info. You don’t want to expose yourself to any electrical shocks.   Now is the time you want to be reading the nomenclature plates and  checking  for things like equipment voltage, horsepower ratings, equipment and spa control brands etc.

What Hot Tub Equipment Info is Important and What Isn’t?

 Hot tub or spa brand and year built is good to know but that info alone is not enough! You want to have specific info on your hot tub components which 90% of time are from 3rd party manufacturers.

Whats important to know about your spa pump(s)?waterway executive

  1. Horsepower and voltage
  2. Single speed or 2 speed
  3. Motor Frame (48 or 56)
  4. Plumbing size (1.5 inch, 2 inch, or 2.5 inch)
  5. Plumbing Orientation to the pump (center or side discharge) By the way, the discharge connection is located closest to the motor. The suction connection is at the very front of the pump.
  6. Manufacturer

Whats NOT important about your spa pump(s)?

  1. The serial number

What’s important to know about your hot tub controller?

  1. The manufacturerbalboaVS-Spa Controller
  2. The model
  3. The voltage  NOT just the incoming voltage the the output voltages to your pumps, blowers, etc
  4. The heater wattage (usually heaters are attached to the spa controller)
  5. Controlled by air buttons or digital touch pad
  6. What equipment is being controlled? How many pumps, blower, Ozone, led lights, or chlorine generator?
  7. The serial number

What’s important to know about your spa heater?

  1. The type.  The most common hot tub heater is the “flow-through”.  This is a straight stainless steel tube with the element inside. They are generally attached to the spa controller.
  2. Know if you do NOT have a flow through heater. There are other types like vertical low flow heaters, stainless flanged heaters.  Many of these are old technology and if you have a heater like these it might be a good time to think about upgrading your system to a new controller that has a modern flow Through type heater attached.

What’s important to know about peripherals like ozone generators and blowers?

  1. For ozone generators, the voltage is the most important.  If you have the plumbing in place, you can replace your existing ozone generator with just about any major brand like Dell.  Many apgdell-ozoneozone generators are dual voltage.
  2. Spa Blowers you need to know horsepower and voltage.  Most hot tub blowers are 1 hp and 120 volt but verify to be sure.  Plumbing connections are typically 2 inch and fairly universal.


We’re happy to answer your questions and see if we can get you on track to saving money by fixing your own hot tub!

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