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Electrolyzed Water… A Game Changer in Cleaning!

EW could change the face of the home cleaning market, at least to the saavy!  Using a simple solution of tap water and table salt, The Eco 1 can produce 1 qt of sanitizer  in about 5 minutes!  Change the solution to common tap water and potassium carbonate, and you’ll create an amazing degreasing product in about the same time!  With these two products in hand, you replace just about every cleaning product on your shelf.  Forget about storing chemicals ever again!  Not only are these cleaning, sanitizing and degreasing solutions safe, they eliminate the entire storage aspect of expensive home chemicals.
Hypochlorus acid is an effective disinfectant and very safe.. Consider: it has been approved by the FDA to use as a “no rinse” product for food and vegetable preparation.  The CDC recommends its use for wound care! It is non toxic to use around children and pets. Toys can be sanitized without rinsing for lasting effect.

This product is approved by the EPA, FDA, USDA, and the CDC.

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