On Site Nursery and Greenhouse Sanitation With Electrolyzed Water

This is the future and it’s looking clean!  Sanitizing trays, troughs, equipment and plumbing is an ongoing process in all greenhouse and vertical farming operations.  New onsite sanitation methods can make this task easier and safer than ever, with no chemical storage required.  HydroPro Sales is a distributor for Ecolox Tech a premier provider of Electrolyzed water generators that can be used not only to sanitize plumbing, and equipment but also the produce created by the farm. Attractive leasing programs from $175 per month can get this product working in your greenhouse or produce cleaning area NEXT WEEK!  Please click here for more info.

What is Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water?

Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water is electrolytically generated hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a neutral-to-acidic electrolyzed water. HOCl has been studied for over 100 years and it is an undeniable fact that it is a more powerful oxidant than chlorine bleach. Only within the last 30 years have we been able to generate solutions of near 100% HOCl in such a stable form. HOCl kills bacteria, bacterial spores, and viruses 100 times more effectively than chlorine bleach.

How does it work?

Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water is a powerful oxidant (800 to 1000 mV) that can kill microbial pathogens immediately upon contact by damaging cell walls or inactivate the pathogen by entering and disrupting proteins, lipids, and DNA.


Electrolyzed Water Judged safe and effective by FDA CDC, USDA, EPA

This is the way to sanitize not only your equipment but your produce too!  The high ORP (800 to 1000 mv) and Hypochlorus acid created by the Ecolox Tech commercial unit is approved as a “no rinse required” sanitizer for all vegetables.  Increases shelf life and kills food pathogens. Hospitals use it, restaurants use it and now it is available to small, medium and large scale farmers!

Home Units Available Too

Want a portable home unit to safely clean your vegetables, surfaces, toys and more? Home units available as well.  Get cleaning naturally and thoroughly with electrolyzed water. Click the image below to learn how to save money and easily create safe effective cleaners with just salt and water!

The Ecolox Tech 240 creates a hypochlorus acid sanitizer at a rate of 60 GPH.

Leasing programs start at 175 per month and eliminate the need for other disinfectants.

Call today and get this easy to install unit in your greenhouse !

Save money and never buy cleaning products again!

The Eco One

Create your own safe, powerful sanitizer  using a simple table salt and water solution in the time it takes to make toast right at home!  Not just any sanitizer either, The Eco ONE generates safe and effective hypochlorous acid with power to kill bacteria, viruses and more, plus sanitize and de-grease your home.  Safe for use on vegetables, surfaces, even toys without rinsing.    See more here

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