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Grow Your Own Healthy Food or Medicinals With Complete Control!

Giant Root Pruning Fabric Grow Beds

These giant instant raised beds require no construction and give you complete control of your growing area, growing method, soil preference and irrigation/fertilization.  Just open the giant pot, fill with the soil or soiless blend of your choice, plant seeds or seedlings and Grow like a Pro!

LOVE these big grow beds! You can grow like a farmer with these things!  

Made from Polypropylene, you’ll get years of use from these pots. In the off season, you can leave them in place or fold and store.  The fabric breathes letting in oxygen and keeping plants cooler.  It’s also water permeable so that you cannot overwater your crop, preventing root rot etc. Professional growers, often  placed in troughs and bottom water.

These are BIG Pots…

Shown in the background image are 300 gallon Grow Beds, but we have sizes from 65 gallon to 1,000 gallons. You can grow several crops per bag or choose the one crop method as shown.  These bags are tough and ward off critters trying to get to your roots.  Place them anywhere you have sun:  cement, asphalt, rocky ground, decks.  You can place them directly on top of grass with no tilling or weeding required.

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