Grow bags are changing the way we garden and giving us so many new options to be at least partly self sustaining and grow our own food. Not only do grow bags eliminate the chore of  digging out and prepping for a garden and amending existing poor soil, they expand growing choices even to areas where soil doesn’t exist like rooftops, patios, and decks.

citygarden 286x541The City Garden a product created by Fibredust LLC uses a soil-less growing medium made from  coconut husks called  “Coir.” Coir is a peat-like product made from a byproduct of fiber extraction in coconut husks. If you’ve never used coir as a growing media before, prepare to be amazed by it, in more ways than one!   When you set up your City Garden, you won’t need to build expensive raised beds; gardening in grow bags is inexpensive and easy.. With the City Garden, everything you need to grow is included in box.  You get seeds,  seed starter discs, a mini greenhouse, controlled release fertilizer and the coco coir growing media.  You simply add water to expand the included coco coir and plant with the seeds you’ve germinated in the mini greenhouse.  Grow bags offer every wanna be gardener a choice to grow vibrant sustainable gardens that can exist and thrive anywhere there is a patch of sun. Click on the image or the link above to get yours from Amazon!

You can grow veggies and herbs in just about any type of bag.  I’ve even seen gorgeous tomato plants and lettuce grown right in a bag of potting mix but if you want a little more instruction and control consider The FiberDust Complete Garden! FibreDust City Garden Complete Garden Kit

The City Garden, is an easy and fun way to grow  your own vegetable garden. The contents of the City Garden box include seed starting pellets, a mini green house,  grow bags that come complete with the growing media, seeds, fertilizer pellets.  Coir (pronounced coy- er)is used in professional growing more than you could even imagine! It is a hydroponic growers dream and is the standard growing media used for crops like tomatoes, cucumbers,peppers, eggplant in many parts of the world.  You are probably using it right now in a soil blend as many big name bagged soil producers use it to provide organic aeration and moisture wicking.

This brick will fill your city garden bag when you just add water!

This brick will fill your city garden bag when you just add water!

The Coir comes in a compressed brick, that takes up about a 1/4 of each bag.  When you add water, it expands amazingly into a rich brown fluffy media that is perfect for root growth. Coir is sterile out of the box, water retentive and has great drainage properties. This makes it a perfect media for tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash. Need just a coir brick?  Amazon has them here!

There are readable step by step instructions in each box that will get you going on a fun patio or backyard grow bag project!  If you fall in love with this system, like many people do, you can easily expand into a larger area by purchasing bulk grow bags, coir, seed and fertilizer from FiberDust LLC, the parent company.

The City Garden Complete Garden makes a great fundraiser for schools!  See this article for more information..

Want to know more? Want to use the product commercially or interested in a fundraiser? Please inquire below.

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