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This is a great opportunity for high school Ag classes or 4-h chapters to learn about production farming with a bit of a twist…a  different type of agriculture fundraising. We call it “Take Home A Garden”.

peppers-city gardensmIt’s not uncommon for Ag classes to grow out some vegetables in their greenhouses and sell the produce.  Often, greenhouses are underutilized.  Our Grow Bag system allows for a production grow out of vegetable plants from seed but with the purpose of selling the vegetable plants to supporters.

The grow bag allows each plant to grow to harvest without need for transplanting.  Supporters, parents, friends and teachers can literally take home a garden, of growing vegetables that they can place in any sunny spot.  Decks, patios, or even in spot in the yard.  These gardens  don’t have to be weeded.  There’s no tilling, or prepping the area.  They just place their crops where they want them, water grow, and harvest.

20 x 40 plan

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What we supply are the grow-bags, each with its own block of premium growing media. No need to deal with soil deliveries, or filling the bags.  Each block will expand when hydrated to neatly fill the 2 gallon bag to the perfect growing level.  No mess!  Seeds, also provided, can be directly sown in each bag, or they can be germinated and transplanted into the bag.  Two fertilizer packages, per bag are also included. One is used by the students at the time of hydration of the block, the other either goes home with the crop or can be added at the time of the sale.   It couldn’t be easier.

The grow bags measure 10″ long by 6″ wide and 10″ high, when filled.  In a 20 X 40 greenhouse, students can easily grow out a pallet (450) of bags.  Cost per bag is $3.00.  We recommend a price of between $6 to $8, possibly varying by the crop.  The idea is to grow these seedlings out until each plant has substance.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers are the big three sellers, but students will have seeds for squash, lettuce, broccoli, eggplant, beans and more.

There are various ways the sales can be handled.  Students can pre-sell the gardens, and the crops can essentially be “contract grown.”  Or, a sale date can be chosen where the crops are layed out and people can come purchase as desired.  Either way, it’s win-win.  Very little prep to the greenhouse is needed. Bags can even be arranged inside existing raised beds, on planting benches.  or even outside, if growing conditions exist.

Check out the PDF “Take Home a Garden”  and call or use the contact form below to get more info!  We can ship pallets immediately.  Freight will vary but shouldn’t be more than 80 cents per bag.

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