citygarden 286x541Create the perfect fundraiser by introducing The Complete Garden to your group and make Farm To Table a reality.  No tilling, no weeding, this take home kit is ready to grow right out of the box.  Three favorite crops: tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are included with the kit that comes complete with seeds, seed starting discs, sprouting tray, fertilizer and the pro grower secret, grow bags with compressed coco fiber.   This perfect growing media makes the city garden a success.. grow anywhere you have sun!

It’s a fun experience for the whole family and helps get kids involved with the urban gardening movement and growing their own food!   Starting the seeds is easy with the included seed starting trays and seed starting discs, which magically expand as you add water. but wait until you see the soil in the 3 grow bags expand.. its nothing less than amazing! A tiny brick of this pro growers magic, will swell up to fill the entire 3 gallon bag to the top when water is added.

Cute Gable box and complete instructions for growing are inside the box along with EVERYTHING you need.  Just add water!

Easy Seed Starting

Easy Seed Starting

Your group will benefit with great return on investment.  Purchase the City Garden Kits for 14.95 and sell for 24.95.  Orders may be taken in advance with no purchase necessary until sold.   Freight may apply depending on your location.  Minimum order is 30 boxes.

Get your group on the road to healthy eating and healthy growing.  Organic growing media and NON – GMO seeds included!

For more info, please use this contact form and we’ll get right back to you.  Sales materials available!

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