Eliminate Those Bare Spots With Summer Sunset Minima Jasmine

Summer Sunset Asiatic Jasmine is an awesome new jasmine groundcover variety that grows in Sun, Part Sun and Shady spots. Minima jasmine is known for its dense mounding vine-llike habit  growing in fast, inhibiting weeds and covering up unsightly roots.   Summer Sunset is a colorful variety with lots of pop, it will grow anywhere  you’d use other Asiatic ground covers like Green Minima Jasmine, variegated Minima Jasmine, or Texas Longleaf Minima Jasmine.  Whether you are a consumer looking for this plant or a landscaper or grower, we have availability.  Stamp out the bare spots or create a stunning  border or bed today.  We have all varieties of trachlospemum asiatica including:  Green, Variegated, Tri-color, Texas Long leaf, Bronze Beauty AND Summer Sunset.  Buy now and we’ll ship free!  We ship to all southern states. If you are in zone 7 or higher, Minima Jasmine will work for you.

Save Money and Grow like a Pro With the HydroPro System!

Here it is in a nutshell…Buy smaller plants than the typical 1 gallon size commonly seen at nurseries and Big Box Stores.  You buy our plants in easy to plant sizes of 2 inch or 4 inch.  These plants are FULLY rooted and ready to grow.  You can easily plant 100 Square feet with our 2 inch 120 pack.  Are they easier to plant?  OH YES!  If you put down some topsoil first, you won’t even need a shovel. you’ll literally “scootch” em in.  Add a little controlled release fertilizer and water daily for 30 days and you’ll be amazed at how fast they fill in.  The 4 inch size is about 3 to 6 months older.  They are easy to plant as well and slightly larger.  Our 36 pack of 4 inch will plant about 50 square feet.  All of our minima jasmine is shipping FREE right now.  If you need more than 500.. please contact us for a quote!

Now.. Get Growing!!! Buy your Summer Sunset right here!


Contact HydroPro Sales for large quantities! Liners Available


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