It all started from this

the clean pallette before look

This little house had NO landscaping.  It was about as bare as it could be.  One slash pine and lots of scrubby grass, an uneven paver path to the front door.  We are going to fix this!

The Concept? Beach and Bird

NatureScape design view

The idea here was to use shell and rock as a groundcover. Planting some Seagrapes for privacy and Grasses to soften the lines of the house.  A nice Areca palm anchored the left side,  weeping hisbicus for color in the center, and a plumbago to the right.  It was good outline to build from.

Rock and Shell Delivery (ugh)


Three diffferent shell aggregates were used on the job.  Fines were mostly coquina and very fine. These were to be used on the walking paths.  We used 3/4 inch shell to border the paths, distinguishing the walking area from the perimeter. The third aggregate was called Ancient Sea Bed.  This was absolutely beautiful to work with. Large ancient conchs, giant oyster shell that you would never see today,  all kinds of sea bed rocks, smaller conchs and olive shells.. It was hard.. really hard to stick a shovel in it because there was so much to see!

At completion


You have to use a little vision to imagine the immature landscape maturing, but the completion is amazing.  The fines define the walkways, the ancient seabed aggreagate is spread throught out the planted area for accent.  Bird feeders are installed as well as a cute bird bath.  As the sea grapes grow in and gain height the entire area will be a private little hideaway for birds and wildlife.   All plants are served by hidden drip irrigation for maximum watering effeciency.

Walking path to front door

finishedprojectfrontdoorpathWe lined the walkway to the front door with Macho Ferns on one side and a rocky border on the other.

What a difference from the uneven ugly concrete stepping stones that had been there!

Rock Planters along the path


HydroPro created rock planters with Firecracker plants to line the walk to the driveway. Firecracker is a great hummingbird attractor!

A few more details


A birdbath and birdfeeders abound in the entire area.  Native Florida Coffee plants, Thryallis, Clusia and more dot the interior hideaway and bird haven

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