Brand New Oldsmar Home Landscape

When Laura called us, she was ready to make some changes in her as yet un-landscaped new home.  We headed over with Nikon in hand, ready to fix her up!  As you scroll through these shots, clicking on any image will enlarge it to full size so you can see the detail.

Before shot:



As you can see there is absolutely zero landscaping except for the sod.  It was hard for the homeowner to feel comfortable with me reeling off names of plants and placements.

I took the pictures and headed home to work up the design.

You can’t really see the neighbors house in this shot, but it is close.. real close.  So privacy was a concern I wanted to deal with.

Design view:

Design View

Design View

To handle the privacy and considering the how near the bay is, I used sea grapes on the outer perimeter to create a screen.  I added ligustrum seninsis, copper leaf, a European fan palm, and an assortment of other plantings.  I even planned a fountain in the alcove to the right of the door which you can make out in the enlarged view.

The Reveal:  

Completed Landscape. Let it Grow!

Completed Landscape. Let it Grow!

Using a natural Florida limestone border with 2-4 inch river gravel instead of mulch really made the house and the plantings pop.  The next picture below might show that off a bit better. The homeowner is pleased and HydroPro sales looks forward to seeing this one GROW!

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This should all grow in beautifully

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