There is nothing more enjoyable to this Florida Native than sharing the knowledge of Florida Native and Florida Friendly plants with someone who is ready to enhance their landscape and needs a little help!  Lets face it, you just don’t get this type of service at the big box stores.  You’re lucky if the employees in “garden” even know about planting.  One thing is for sure, without a site visit, no one can truly know what you are dealing with in your landscape.

Site Visit

We charge $150 for a 1 hour site visit and initial consultation.  We use this time to chat with you and get an idea of your thoughts. Next up?  Lets walk your property together and analyze your exposure,  sun-shade patterns,  get an idea of your soil structure, check for irrigation issues pertaining to your install and  discuss your landscaping tastes. If you intend to do your own landscaping, we put together a plant list complete with quantities, spacing requirements, and pricing, right down to mulch.  If you are seeking an installed landscape, we will do a simple plan and a quote for the complete landscape job.



After Design

After Design

Step Up?

During our visit, you’ll have the option to step up to our photo realistic landscape design program.  We will then take pictures that will be used for the “design view”  using photos we take of your home. To say this makes visualizing it easy, is an understatement. We charge $250.00 for two views of your property so you can see the design from two different angles. If you have a very large property, or several areas you want designed,  additional fees will be negotiated.  Don’t worry, we’re reasonable 🙂

The visualization program pricing includes a landscape estimate for all labor, plants and materials plus a private golf cart nursery tour-consultation so you know exactly which plants are being specified.  As you can see from the pictures, your home does not even need to be complete for us to show you what your new landscape will look like!

Make the Call and Be On Your Way To  a Whole New Look!

  • Site Visit
  • Consult
  • Sun/shade/irrigation analysis
  • Estimate and Pricing

We look forward to creating your new landscape!


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