Cool way to conceal a downspout

Cool way to conceal a downspout

Plantings are often used to hide downspouts but they are tricky to conceal with shrubbery alone.  Finding this clever idea was pure gold and i look forward to using it on my next design project!

There are trellises that exist that are perfect to hide an ugly downspout with a pretty vine.  This Downspout will eventually be completely concealed by this pretty clematis vine.  Isn’t that just an awesome idea?

Other vines suitable for a downspout trellis are morning glory, passionflower, confederate jasmine, or bleeding heart.

If you’d like to try a downspout trellis I’ve sourced a

Guardman Downspout Trellis

Guardman Downspout Trellis

couple for you.  Downspout trellis number one is by Guardman and comes as two 36 inch tall half rounds. They can be stacked or used as a tube.  Perfect to start the pretty vine of your choice climbing up and concealing your downspout.

This product is cool as a growing tube for vine type veggies too!  Use with indeterminate tomatoes, pole beans, cucumber and heck, even melons if you’re adventurous.  The two halves connect together for a grow tube, can be used as a flower tower too if filled with coconut fiber on the sides.  More on that in another post 🙂 Amazon is the best priced source for this sturdy trellis. Check it out here.Gardman R710 36-Inch Tube Trellis

gutter trellis

Twig and Leaf Downspout Trellis

The other trellis is a pretty twig and leaf design but it is flat and one sided. It could still work as a gutter trellis just by leaning it against the downspout and fastening with zip ties or wire. Two could be fastened together in a v style as well for better coverage. So many vines are pretty aggressive that even the single twig and leaf would work and be pretty while the vine begins it’s climb! Here’s the link:Panacea Products Narrow Forged Twig Trellis with Leaves, Black this next one is really awesome too.. it’s a twig and bird trellis. There are so many cool trellises available on Amazon. Once you visit one of these links you’ll find many related products to choose from.
Gardman R542 48″ Bird and Branch Metal Trellis

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