Hot Tub Covers-What You Need to Know

Purchasing Spa Covers

Is it time for a new hot tub cover? If your spa cover is heavy, waterlogged and falling apart, we’ll make getting a nice new spa cover easy! Read on….

Everyone who’s looking to buy a hot tub or spa cover wants to know: Who’s the best Hot Tub Cover Manufacturer ? Who’s the cheapest Spa Cover Company? Where can I get the best shipping rates on a spa cover? Give us a call and we will connect  with the right spa cover manufacturer as close to you as possible so you can save some  money on shipping.  If you are local to the Tampa Bay Area, we can schedule a delivery of your cover or covers for a very reasonable price, much less than standard shipping rates.  If you’re from Oregon, Colorado, California, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Tennesee or any place in between, we know the right Spa Cover Manufacturer in your neck of the woods too.  Call us for quotes and try us out. If ordering a spa cover is not your “daily job”, you may want to check out this article on how to order a spa cover. It saves a lot of time if you are familiar with the things you will be asked when you place your order. All spa covers are custom made for a spa cover of superior looks, strength, and high quality components.  You can choose foam core weight of 1.5 # up to 2 #.  We offer 4-2 Tapers, 5 -3 tapers and even 6 -4 Tapers. We’ve got walk-on covers and Swim Spa Covers.  We use only 30 oz Endurex Marine vinyl, EPS virgin foam cores, Galvanized C-channel reinforcement at seams, and most of the manufacturers we work with  offer at least a 3 year warranty!  We will exceed your expectations.  The best part though is we act as your spa cover concierge.  We deal with customer service departments so you don’t have to. When you call or email for a quote you’re dealing with me.. and I’m a pro.  You’re not going to have some “20 something” customer service rep calling you “hon. ” We get the job done together and you’ll pay less for a quality cover! Lets team up! Call us or fill out the handy form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get right back to you.


Colors and Material Choices

sunbrella std colorsWhen ordering a spa new cover, you will now have choices vinyl enduro colorfor both color and material.  Since the beginning of Hot Tub Cover Time, the main choice has been marine vinyl. Marine vinyl is the tried and true selection for most hot tub cover manufacturers and for folks like you, who are replacing a worn out spa cover.  All of our hand picked spa cover manufacturers use top quality 30 oz marine vinyl for the covers they make for you.  BUT lately some manufactures have begun making available the well known Sunbrella fabric.  For about 6 years now, this new material choice has entered the hot tub cover scene.  Many have enjoyed the extreme wearability of Sunbrella fabric material on their patio furniture.  It is now available for your hot tub cover as well. Although the color choices are not as vast as for patio funiture, Sunbrella is still available in a selection of neutral colors.  One of the best reasons to use Sunbrella is it’s rating in “years of use” .   The marine vinyl used in hot tub covers is rated in “hours of use”  Not that it wont last a good 3 to7 years, but the Sunbrella versions will last longer! For only $100 more, it’s an option you may want to consider, specially if your hot tub is in a high sun exposure area.

Cover Lifts For Your Hot Tub

If you don’t already have a cover lifter, we can help you find the best one reccomended for your hot tub shape. Just mention it in the comments section of the form below.

A new customer, Mimi R was sweet enough to endorse us heartily!  Thanks Mimi!

I was looking for a reasonably priced good quality spa cover for my indoor hot tub, and was searching the web for help. I ran across Barbra Langford’s article “What to Know When Buying a Hot Tub Cover” article and called her for help. She not only knew who my spa dealer got their covers from, but told me how to order a custom cover that perfectly fit my needs. She was generous with her knowledge and saved me money at the same time. She did all this even though I could not place my order through her. How wonderful to connect with such a great professional person! I cannot recommend this woman highly enough. Mimi R Boston, MA

If you need to call for help, here’s the number!  813 992 0105  If you have the time, I’ll love you for using this handy contact form before you call.  It helps me have all of your spa cover and contact info right in my email inbox! Don’t worry, I’ll contact you right away.  When using the form please give me as much info as possible.  Hot Tub Brand, Year, approximate dimensions, radius, your contact info and whatever else you need to tell me.  I’ll source, price and get right back to you.  By the way.. do your neighbors need a spa cover? We can ship up to 3 for the same shipping price. Great way to save some money!


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