We Believe in the Power Of Plants..For Our Souls, For the Earth, For The Bees!

 A love of growing inspires the products you’ll find here at HydroPro sales. We provide and source locally grown landscape plants and specialize in hardy groundcover plants.  We also have a love for growing food and think everyone should grow something edible! We provide fantastic products that enable easy microgreen growing!  We know Florida suitable plantings and even have expertise with swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, hydroponic and micro irrigation.

If you are a Florida landscape or garden enthusiast, you’ll want to check out our Facebook page HydroProSales  and our Pinterest Pin Boards! We love sharing garden, landscaping, yard art, yard crafts and more.  Stay in touch!  Want to tell us about your hot tub, or landscape needs?  Feel free to fill the form below, but also.. we’re always available to chat on the phone.. You can even text!

HydroPro Sales Inc, is owned by Barbara Langford, a third generation Florida Native. Driven by passionate curiosity, Barb founded HydroPro to share share her love of design, horticulture, agriculture, gardening and art.  With many interests, you’ll always find new products, new ideas, and cool stuff on HydroProSales.com!  Feel free to contact us and connect!  We’d love to get to know you! Email address is on the menu bar 🙂

Barbara Langford
HydroPro Sales Inc
813 992 0105

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