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You Might Be a Farmer IF...

Everybody wants fresh healthy food but the very best food, you grow yourself.  Urban farms are shrinking down to kitchen and tabletop size with all the technology that the big urban farms use.  Check out what you can grow yourself, with minimum effort and fun!

MIcrogreens : The Fastest Most Nutritious Food You Can Grow

Whether you are growing microgreens at home or commercially, we have the supplies you need to make growing a success. Retail and commercial pricing all based on quantity.  If you have a large microgeen growing facility, we can supply large and container quantities at excellent pricing.

HydroRack No Plumbing Hydroponic System

The HydroRack has every component needed to grow and requires no plumbing!  Contained within are the VERY best LED lights for plant growth.  Our lights have been specially designed for growing leafy greens and medicinals with the perfect spectrum for maximum growth.These LED lights are used in well known, large scale vertical controlled environment agriculture and urban farming facilities world wide.

Fabulous Minima Jasmine

Fill in those empty spots where nothing else will grow! Bullet Proof  Asiatic Minima Jasmine (trachlospermum Asiatica) is versatile and provides a dense ground cover under oaks, in beds, in medians.

Landscape Plants

From trees and palms to tropicals, and perennials we can make a statement in your yard!


Growing without soil and in nutrient enriched water isn’t new but there sure are many breakthroughs with equipment, lighting, testing, all bringing new automated systems that even include appliance type household “cultivators”  that are finding homes in kitchens and tabletops. Mom’s Dad’s and Kids are enjoying clean pure food they are growing themselves in their own kitchen farms.  HydroPro is very passionate about the new advancements and is gradually bringing in product lines that will appeal to the kitchen farm niche.


Microgreens do make a pretty garnish. We are in agreement with that but through the miracle of the seed, Microgreens, are becoming known as the most nutritious food one can eat.  Microgreens, baby plants that are harvested at their first true leaf, have 10 to 20 times the nutritional value of the mature vegetable.  Superstars include broccoli with it’s cancer killing sulfadenes,  Cilantro, cabbages and more. Sunflower.. has more protein than steak!  Whether you are growing your own, or growing for the masses, we have the products you need to grow, here!

Growing with LEDs

The study has been intense: What spectrum and intensity of light do plants need to perform their best? To grow strong, to grow fast, to taste good?  The more science narrows this down, the more efficient growing under lights can be.  In discovering what wavelengths can be discarded and what wavelengths can be enhanced, the secret of superb plant growth at the least energy costs is revealed. We have what you need.

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