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Growing without soil and in nutrient enriched water isn’t new but there sure are many breakthroughs with equipment, lighting, testing, all bringing new automated systems that even include appliance type household “cultivators”  that are finding homes in kitchens and tabletops. Mom’s Dad’s and Kids are enjoying clean pure food they are growing themselves in their own kitchen farms.  HydroPro is very passionate about the new advancements and is gradually bringing in product lines that will appeal to the kitchen farm niche.

Microgreen Growing Supplies

Microgreens do make a pretty garnish. We are in agreement with that but through the miracle of the seed, Microgreens, are becoming known as the most nutritious food one can eat.  Microgreens, baby plants that are harvested at their first true leaf, have 10 to 20 times the nutritional value of the mature vegetable.  Superstars include broccoli with it’s cancer killing sulfadenes,  Cilantro, cabbages and more. Sunflower.. has more protein than steak!  Whether you are growing your own, or growing for the masses, we have the products you need to grow, here!

Minima Jasimine and other plants for sale

Asiatic Jasmine sometimes called Minima jasmine is a favorite southern ground cover for use under oaktrees where nothing will grow, on medians and parkways.  We have a great system to get the best bang for your buck on Minima! This low ground hugger is at home in sun or shade, has low water requirements once established.  We provide a LOT to southern homeowners, landscapers and commercial projects.  Check out our 5 varieties by clicking in this box.   You’ll also find some other popular groundcovers like modo grass, perennial peanut, oyster plant and wedelia.

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